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The Ultimate Guide To Custom Shipping Boxes

The Ultimate Guide To Custom Shipping Boxes

By: Hadyn Oliver

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In this short guide, we going to cover custom shipping boxes to help you understand when to use them, what style would suit your products, and the different thicknesses. 

Let’s start with …

How To Customise Your Shipping Box

Shipping Large Bulky Items

Step 1 – Choose Your Box Style

The first step to creating a good custom shipping box is the style. Whether you are needing a mailer box, eCommerce box, standard shipping box, or anything. There are thousands of different designs out there. The important thing to do is research, and find the one which suits your brand and products best.

Quick Pack Mailer Box new (9)

Step 2 – Find Your Size

An obvious one, find the right size package for your product. Your box needs to be able to fit your product well, without creating a void space. All that needs to be done is, gathering your products measurements and looking for the box to suit.

Large Quantity of Products

Step 3 – Add Your Own Branding

The final step, a very important one. Adding your own logo, colours, fonts and designs can boost your brand profile and awareness. Although, designing a package can be daunting, the results will make it worthwhile. If you’re stuck for ideas, our internal design team can help out. Just let us know!

Why Are Custom Shipping Boxes Important?

It’s a common question we get asked. Why do I need a custom shipping box. Well, here’s your answer. 

#1 Boxes that aren’t the right size require extra packaging materials to prevent the product from moving around. This adds extra costs and can increase the environmental impact of your operations. Choosing a custom sized box can help reduce costs and improve the customer satisfaction.

#2 Freight companies now use dimensional weight for pricing. Basically, its the cubic/volumetric weight of your box. This has a big impact on customers sending out goods in large boxes regardless the size of the contents. By switching to a right sized box, you can reduce your shipping costs.

#3 They create a positive impression! A well-designed, attractive box is going to leave a memorable experience with the receiver. It increases the perceived value of the products you purchase, and generates a positive impression on retailers. 

#4 It’s basically advertising at no extra cost. The box can carry marketing messages, or targeted words towards your audience. By taking advantage of the opportunity, companies can often reach new demographics and customers. 

That’s the reason for choosing to have a custom shipping box. It’s beneficial to your brand name, it can boost your awareness and leave customers feeling satisfied, happy and wanting more.

Which is Better; The Mailer Box or Mailer Bag?

Another very common question we have to answer.

We would recommend using mailer bags for items such as books, jewelery, clothing, cosmetics and items which aren’t fragile. A mailer box on the other hand can also be used for these items, but they can hold fragile, bigger items too. 

But at the end of the day, it comes down to budget and personal preference. 

Before you make up your mind, lets take a quick look at the good and the bad of the mailer box.

The GoodThe Bad
Offer the best protectionNot 100% waterproof
Can be easily brandedHigher cost than a mailer bag
Available in hundreds of sizesHeavier than a mailer bag
Easily stackableTake up more space and are bulky
Made with sustainably sourced paperSome have to be assembled with tape
Fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradableUse more material than a mailer bag

The Different Types Of Mailer Box

Large Or Bulky Items

The standard shipping box is great for shipping larger and bulky items. They are available in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and styles. Great for fragile items and products that require extra protection when being transported. These are usually used for moving house, moving and storing products in warehouses.

Shipping Boxes - Sustabio

Smaller Items

The mailer box is great for shipping smaller items to customers. These boxes look great and give the end customer a great “unboxing” experience. They are usually branded and used to ship products to end customers. 

Plain Mailer Box

Premium Products

These types of shipping boxes are great for gifts, valuable and premium products. They are often branded and well designed and provide the customer with a unique experience when opening their box. 

1 bottle wine shipping pack

Mailer Bags

These are great for shipping less fragile items. Thousands of fashion brands around the world have started to use them. They have a great look, reduce shipping costs, and are easily customisable, making them great for enhancing your customer experience.

Paper Mailing Bag - Sustainable Packaging - The Eco Alternative

Concluding …

I hope this short guides giving you some insight about custom shipping boxes and why they are important. If you have any questions our friendly team are always up for a chat to help anyone out. 


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  1. Mia Evans

    Thanks for helping me understand that large and bulky items have to be in standard shipping boxes. It must be helpful to get custom shipping boxes when you have an item that is oddly shaped. With the right size, fragile and delicate ones can be safe in it because they will not rock around during transport.

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