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With thousands of fashion retailers around the world, packaging is a vital part to your customer experience. Whether it be on-the-shelf packaging or packaging used to ship items to customers, the main importance is to keep your products protected and look attractive.

apparel and fashion - Sustabio
Apparel and Fashion - Sustabio

About the industry

Designers, brands, suppliers, and consumers across the fashion industry are becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. To put it into context, packaging takes up almost a third of all plastic production, but only 14% would ever be recycled. 

With the world turning to sustainability, consumers are choosing only ethical and sustainable fashion brands. And it’s no surprise, as the fashion industry is in the top 10 for worst polluting industries. In 2019, a study showed 60% of all materials used in fashion are made from plastic, and the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in landfill every second!

It’s no wonder consumers are turning towards eco-conscious brands with the impact they are having on our planet. But, it’s important your brand keeps up with the race to become more sustainable so to stay ahead of the competition. 

Shipping solutions for apparel

We understand how important premim clothing packaging is to your brand and it’s reputation. And that’s why we work closely with our customers to help create the best solution for what they’re looking for. 

Below is some of our most popular products in the fashion industry.

Paper Mailer Bags

The mailer bag, often referred to as a shipping envelop are perfect solutions for shipping clothing and apparel to customers. With bottom/side gussets, the bags expand, giving more room and less hassle when packing your clothing. The self-sealing strips make the packing process more efficient. Paper mailers are cost effective, efficient, and sustainable. Being lightweight and flatter than a box, the paper mailer costs less to send with UK couriers. 

Kraft Paper Mailer Bag
Paptic Paper Mailer Bag
Recycled Poly Mailer Bag

Cardboard Mailer Boxes

The mailer box makes a great unboxing experience for the customer. They work well for companies looking to go the extra mile for a unique, customer experience. While they aren’t as sustainable as the mailer bag, they are fully recyclable and made from recycled materials. With several sizes, styles, and shapes available, the mailer box is great for shipping multiple items. 

eCommerce Mailer Box
EasyPack Postal Box
Returnable Mailer Box
Fast Assembly Mailer Box

Mailer Sizing Chart

If you’re considering using mailers to ship your fashion and apparel, the below sizing chart is a great way to see what size mailer you’ll need. If you’re still uncertain, our friendly team can help you out. 

Mailer Bag Size (Option 1)
Mailer Bag Size (Option 2)
180×270 (Kraft)
150×250 (Recycled LDPE)
250×350 (Kraft)
250×350 (Recycled LDPE)
5 Large T-Shirts / Dress
275×350 (Kraft)
275×350 (Paptic)
Sweater / Jeans
340×480 (Kraft)
350×450 (Recycled LDPE)
3 Sweaters / Dresses
400×480 (Kraft)
400×480 (Paptic)
2 Jeans / 14 Large T-Shirts
600×480 (Kraft)
600×480 (Paptic)
Large Jackets / Blankets
650×555 (Kraft
650×750 (Recycled LDPE)

Our Range of Popular Fashion Packaging.


Can't find the packaging you need?

With every product being different, every bit of packaging is different. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be glad to help. 

Becoming eco-friendly is imperative in today’s world. With 72% choosing sustainable brands, retailers need to do their bit to protect the planet to bolster customer loyalty. The Sustabio mission is to help those brands reduce their environmental impact quickly and easily.

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