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Buying cosmetics used to be quite a task, having to travel to a department store, selecting the few cosmetic products which were on the shelf and heading home. Today, health and beauty products can be easily purchased online, with most having next day delivery available. 

Cosmetic Packaging - Sustabio
Cosmetic Packaging - Sustabio

About the industry

Personal wellness and beauty is all about feeling good and inspiring confidence. Part of this for your customers would be the feelgood factor of whether their product is sustainably sourced and eco-friendly, and by purchasing it they are giving back to the planet. 

Packaging is very important in the cosmetic industry, with many different brands, you want your packaging to stand out from the crowd. Whether it be by adding your own logo, creating a different shaped box or packaging your items differently, you want to be able to put your product in packaging that your customers recognise. Your packaging should be, appealing, attractive, artistic, signify luxury, and sustainable. 

how to know what packaging i need for my cosmetics

If you are looking for help on the best way to package and send your products cost-effectively and sustainably, you have come to the right place. Below we cover a few points around the products you sell, how you sell and the packaging you use.  

  1. Are your products fragile? If you supply your cosmetics in items such as glass, or fragile plastic, you want to be able to protect them as much as possible during transit, to ensure your customer receives the goods in one piece.
  2. What size and type of orders do you receive? Do you receive one piece orders? Bulk orders? This will determine the size of the packaging you need. 
  3. Are your products already packaged? Do you supply your products in retail packaging or do you need packaging which provides both product and outer protection. 
  4. Are you ahead of your competition? A large percentage of brands send out products in customised packaging, creating brand awareness 

Cosmetic Shipping Solutions

If you’re shipping products that are already packaged, consider a protective, cushioned mailer. The 100% padded paper mailers offer the cushioning required to protect any fragile health and beauty products in transit. The mailer is 100% recyclable and can be custom printed with your own logo. 

Alternatively, if you’re shipping multiple items, or larger, heavier items, the shipping box are a great option. Made from recycled cardboard, they have a sturdy structure and can be made to a bespoke size. The shipping box is also available to be printed on. 

Padded Paper Mailers

Shipping Boxes

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Can't find the packaging you need?

With every product being different, every bit of packaging is different. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be glad to help. 

Becoming eco-friendly is imperative in today’s world. With 72% choosing sustainable brands, retailers need to do their bit to protect the planet to bolster customer loyalty. The Sustabio mission is to help those brands reduce their environmental impact quickly and easily.

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