E-Commerce Paptic Paper Mailer Bag

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✔️ Sold in packs of 200-400pcs

✔️ Made from recyclable Paptic Paper

✔️ Double peel and seal strip closure

✔️ Bottom Gusset for extra room


The Paptic paper mailer bag is made from sustainable wood fibre, making it a great alternative to plastic. The renewable material is recyclable, and helps reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Made from a 85gsm Paptic paper, the courier bag is strong, and sturdy to keep your products protected whilst being transported to your customers. The bottom gusset gives you extra room inside the bag for your products, also making it easier to pack and prepare your items for shipping. The double peel and seal closure allows you to effectively and efficiently securely seal your bag without the need for extra glue or tape. With a perforation, pre-cutting, and tear tape also on the bag, the end user can easily access the items inside by simply pulling the tear strip, making it quick and easy for them to remove their product.

With customers looking for sustainable brands, and new taxes introduced for plastic packaging, many brands and businesses are turning towards more sustainable solutions, like the paper mailer bag. Available in a range of sizes, it’s a great way to ship your clothes, apparel, stationary, books, bags and so much more to your customers.

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Dimensions N/A

275×350, 400×480, 600×480


Plain, Pre-Printed

The recyclable paptic paper mailing bag is perfect for the eco-conscious brand. Being 85gsm, the mailer bag is perfect for shipping many items. We recommend this bag for shipping:

  • Clothing and footwear
  • Accessories and Jewellery
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Protecting your boxes when shipping


Bag Type: Paper E-Commerce Mailer Bag

Material: Paptic Paper

Colour: White Paptic

Print: Unprinted or Pre-Printed

Closure Type: 2 seals + perforation + precutting + tear tape




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Paptic® is a bio-based, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable material made from renewable raw materials. It is a sustainable packaging material made from renewable wood fibres. The plastic-free material offers a combination of sustainability, strength and appearance.

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The quality of our Paptic mailer bags are 85gsm. 

The Paptic mailer bag is perfect for any eCommerce operation. Whether you be shipping small, medium, or large items, the bags are a great sustainable way of doing so. Many fashion retailers ship clothing in these due to their durability and lightweight. 

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