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12 Unique Ideas For Your Christmas Packaging

12 Unique Ideas For Your Christmas Packaging

By: Hadyn Oliver

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Christmas! Everyone loves that time of year, wrapped up warm, getting cost by the fire and feeling the festive season. 

And that’s brilliant, it’s what you think of Christmas as, but it can also be a huge opportunity for many businesses. 

And packaging plays a big part …

Designing your boxes or bags to a Christmas theme may seem time consuming and a waste, but it actually adds extra value to your products, it makes your customers feel like they are holding something special at a special time of year. 

But packaging isn’t the only thing to think about. Marketing must be up there with your priorities. 

Why Christmas for your packaging?

Most e-commerce brand thrive during the Christmas season. Consumers are packed in stores, website traffic shoots up and sales go through the roof, mostly. It always pays to prepare for the Christmas season, get a plan in place so you’re prepared, get your packaging designed, and a marketing strategy set in place early. 

Christmas packaging tips and tricks

Packaging is something you can plan months in advance, it requires a bit of thought, and a bit of time, but it’s worth it. 

We wanted to share a few tips and tricks with you from our many years of experience …

1. Green & Red Colours – A big point. Even if your brand colours don’t have green and red in them,Red and Green Christmas Packaging include them. When you see green and red together, it makes you think of Christmas, and that’s what customers want. Christmas trees are green, ornaments are mostly red and green, Santa Claus is red, it’s all red and green. Using the 2 colours on your Christmas packaging sends a clear statement about the time of year. 

black and gold Christmas Packaging2. Black & Gold Colours – Christmas used to be all about the design, most people used to put Santa Clauses and Reindeer on their products and that was it. But for businesses, this time of year turns into a race for who could design the best Christmas packaging. The first point was red & green, but black and gold also stand out. Black represents being smart, bring elegance and simplicity. Gold is associated with luxury, and adds a sense of attraction. Even the simplest of colour patterns can make a box look more than just a box. 

3. A Rustic Design – Rustic designs show organic warmth and simplicity. Products wrapped in somethingChristmas Packaging Ideas - Rustic a bit rough and ready stands out on a shelf or under a Christmas tree. The natural, earthy brown colours work great with mono-colour prints, even white, black, grey or gold. The design should be simple, maybe just a logo, or a ribbon, or maybe just plain and wrapped in brown paper. 

Struggling with designing your packaging?

Our internal design team can draw you up some ideas for free! Drop an email with your logo and packaging you’d like designing and they’ll do the rest.

Christmas Jumper design

4. The Christmas Sweater Design – Everyone’s seen a Christmas jumper before. Thousands of images get posted online with friends and family wearing them. You can get some design inspiration from these, obviously people love them because of how many are bought, but think outside the box. The Christmas jumper is bursting with phenomenal patterns and designs. Add it to your box or bag, a snowflake, Santa, Christmas tree, ornaments, sledges, the list is endless.

5. Be Minimalistic – Less is more. Ever heard that saying. When it comes to packaging, it’s becoming increasingly popular for brands. Simple designs, simple prints, simple colours, simple fonts. Choose a white or natural cardboard and use that to create a subtle festive mood. 

6. The Famous #Hashtag – Encourage your customers to go online and share an image of your packaging by including a hashtag on it. It can boost brand awareness and brings your customers to one place. ManyThe Hashtag Packaging big companies use this during different seasons of the year, including Starbucks! You could print it on the packaging, inside, or even on a thank you note. 

7. Humour – What’s Christmas all about? Lifting your mood, being jolly and happy. Packaging can have the power to bring a smile to your customers face. Use funny text, add a bit of humour, maybe a joke or a little fun gift. It will help your customer remember your packaging, and even post it online. 

8. Packaging Void Fill – Void fill doesn’t have to be only used as additional protection for your product. You can print on them, use different colours, add words, sayings, messages – you name it. The filler can create a beautifully presented product, and great for sharing on social media. 

9. Custom Inserts or Dividers – Consumers like their product to arrive neat, professionally, and tidy. Partition the products in your box to hold your goods in place, you can do this with custom cardboard inserts, but one thing is for sure, don’t go over the top!

Christmas Tissue Paper Packaging10. Tissue Paper – Wrapping paper is great for the outside, but why not do something similar on the inside. A beautiful ornamented, festive tissue paper can be added as a second layer to build anticipation and improve the unboxing experience. 

11. Inside Print – Not many companies do this, as it usually costs a little extra, but it can be worth it. Most of the time when a customer opens the package he sees the product and plain packaging, not very memorable. But adding print inside the box creates something unique, something your customer will remember. It could be a “thank you” or a joke, or a design leading to the product, something different that no one else does. 

12. Use Packaging Sets – Christmas is about waiting for that moment to unwrap your present from under the tree, and revealing what great present Santa has left you this year. Creating a packaging set, with your own branding can make this moment last a little longer. Put your box into a plain paper bag, or wrap your product in tissue paper then put it into a mailer box. Or you could even present it in a mailer bag like it’s been delivered.

There’s many different ideas, styles, and ways you can make your Christmas packaging more memorable. 

It’s go time …

Make this Christmas a special one for your brand, and more importantly your customers. Add that extra bit to your packaging to impress your customers and give them that nudge to post your brand far and wide.



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