Why is the padded mailer bag popular?

Being made from recyclable paper, it's popular for its sustainable features. But also being water and shock resistant, lightweight, and strong, it keeps your contents safe during transit. 

Why “low noise”?

Our tape dispenser has a unique design to reduce the unpleasant noise of unwinding tapes. It's perfect for environments where constant noise can be an irritant. 

What size do I need?

This all comes down to what you're shipping. To find your size, measure the product you are shipping and find the size listed which it will fit in. If you can't find the right size, our team can help you out. Just get in touch. 

How durable is this mailer?

This mailer box is both shockproof and rigid. Made with a double thick base and triple thick sides, it's a good, solid box for shipping items to your customers. 

Is the mailer box sustainable?

Yes, the mailer is commonly used because of its sustainable features. Made from 75% recycled fibres, the postal boxes are 100% recyclable too. 

Why is it called “Rapid Assembly”?

The meaning behind our "rapid assembly" name is that the box can be assembled in just 4 seconds. The automatic base means you simply just push the opposite corners of the box towards each other, the base flaps automatically lock in place and you have your mailer box. 

What size mailer box do I need?

This all depends on the size of your product. Use our dimensions provided to work out if your product will fit inside. If you're struggling, please get in touch. 

What is a mailer box?

A mailer box is a corrugated carton that's designed for eCommerce use. Ideal for sending all kinds of shaped products. The self-adhesive strip means they don't require any glue or tape to assemble and seal. 

What is the mailer box made from?

Our mailer box is made from a 70% recycled paper making it a sustainable option to any business looking at reducing their environmental impact. 

What is recycled LDPE?

LDPE, low density polyethylene, is resistant to moisture. It is a type of plastic and is easily recyclable. Our plastic mailer bags are made from a recycled LDPE to reduce the environmental impact.

What are Kraft paper mailing bags used for?

The Kraft mailer bag is perfect for transporting contents to and from customers and suppliers. The come in different styles and sizes to allow for shipping small, medium, or large products. Many shippers use mailer bags over boxes due to them being less expensive to ship. Many fashion brands now...

What is Kraft paper?

"Kraft" comes from the German word "strong", and it is just that. Raw Kraft paper is durable, tear resistant and brown in colour, ideal for creating durable wrapping paper, sturdy cartons, and mailer bags. The surface of Kraft paper is textured, making it great for high quality printing and a...

What are Paptic mailer bags used for?

The Paptic mailer bag is perfect for any eCommerce operation. Whether you be shipping small, medium, or large items, the bags are a great sustainable way of doing so. Many fashion retailers ship clothing in these due to their durability and lightweight. 

Becoming eco-friendly is imperative in today’s world. With 72% choosing sustainable brands, retailers need to do their bit to protect the planet to bolster customer loyalty. The Sustabio mission is to help those brands reduce their environmental impact quickly and easily.

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