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Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, we are ideally located next to the Horsforth train station. Making it easy for visitors and staff looking to reduce emissions and use public transport.

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Who We are.

Challenging the status quo –We believe in the saying that if you carry on doing the same things you will always get the same results, so our mission is to show the market new ways to meet packaging demands in a sustainable, carbon conscious way.

Providing a platform – The process of ordering packaging is far too old fashioned which is why Sustabio have made it simple!  Upload your logo, click order and we can sort the rest.  Ordering online means that you can have the peace of mind that the pricing is fully transparent, and you know exactly what you are getting with the help of our Augmented Reality product similariton tool.

Supporting and contributing to UK manufacturing #bringitback – Having worked within the fashion industry for 10 years our founder, Stefan Christie is keen to help our economy become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the far east.  With the rise in freight charges and time it takes to bring packaging products from the far east there is not a better time to investigate bringing your supply closer to home.  This also will drastically reduce the carbon emissions involved with the packaging your company uses and help create jobs here in the UK.


Our Mission ...

Our mission is to work closely with our customers to help them transition to a sustainable packaging alternative.

Eliminating single-use plastics is our first step and replacing them with eco-friendly solutions.

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Our product Values

UK/EU Made

This keeps carbon costs down by ensuring no products are imported from the Far East.


We have a zero-plastic policy with our products to ensure they are fully sustainable.


Our packaging solutions are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. And a number of them made from recycled content.


Even if a product isn't listed on our website, there is a high chance we can supply it to you. Get in touch for any bespoke enquiries.


We believe adding branding to packaging is a must. Use our online product builder or send us your artwork and we will draw up some designs for free.

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Who We Work With.

Start-ups and Artisan Producers:  We know that you need packaging and make the experience seamless.  If you have called up any of the large packaging manufacturers in the UK it is unlikely that you will get too far before they say sorry and give you a high minimum order quantity which is not workable for your level of trade.  At Sustabio with our state-of-the-art machinery we can add your logo to almost any sustainable packaging product without the need to order huge quantities or pay high setup costs. 

Big Businesses: If you do get through high volumes and are looking at ways to become more sustainable, we are here to help.  With a common-sense approach to sustainability and decades of packaging experience we know where you can make those steps forward towards your carbon emissions goals whilst keeping costs within budget.  With a dedicated account manager and unlimited stockholding at our disposal we can get your packaging to where it is needed across the UK on time, every time!

Becoming eco-friendly is imperative in today’s world. With 72% choosing sustainable brands, retailers need to do their bit to protect the planet to bolster customer loyalty. The Sustabio mission is to help those brands reduce their environmental impact quickly and easily.

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Mill House, Troy Road, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 5TN

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